Foreclosure Defense

One of the biggest misconceptions about foreclosures is that the process ends when one loses their home. The reality is that the loss of the actual property can be only the beginning of much bigger problems. Deficiency judgements, wage garnishments and tax leins are just some of the issues you may be faced with following a Florida foreclosure action.

Although it is crucial to understand the potential liabilities that accompany a foreclosure, understanding your rights and knowing your options are undoubtedly more important. It is in this regard that an experienced foreclosure defense attorney can be your best ally.

Jerry A. Borbon, Esq. was one of the pioneers in defending homeowners during the turn of Miami’s and South Florida’s real estate market. Being at the forefront of the foreclosure crisis gives our office unique insight and the keen ability to stay one step ahead of your lender.

Know your rights. Explore your options. Avoid Foreclosure.

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