Attorneys For Different Needs

Most of the time, when you are feeling ill, you pack yourself off to your family doctor for a consultation and a prescription. General practitioners are terrific for diagnosing the day-today illnesses we all occasionally have to suffer through. However, if there ever comes a day when something more serious rears its ugly head, it may be time to call in a specialist.

Hiring an attorney is no different.

Just like medical doctors, there are lawyers who make their living advising their clients on a wide range of topics. They will give advice on contracts and wills, look over real estate contracts or help a client with a traffic ticket. Then there are also those who focus strictly on one type of law. The challenging part is knowing when to hire the specialist.

Always consider hiring a lawyer who specializes if your case involves any of the following:

Complicated Real Estate Transactions

The complexity of the transaction will dictate the need for a lawyer with a specific skill set. A home purchase where there are no hiccups with negotiations or legalities would probably not require the services of a specialized real estate attorney.

However, someone contemplating purchasing a commercial property in a specialized economic recovery zone specifically for the tax advantages would be foolish not to have a specialist advising him or her at every step.

If Your Freedom is at Stake

Criminal defense should always be handled by an attorney that specializes not only in criminal cases, but specifically, the type of case you are dealing with. A person facing insider trading charges wants a lawyer who understand SEC law, not a lawyer whose experiences are all in homicides.

Large Estates

Estate planning, especially when there are significant assets involved, should always be handled by an experienced estate planning attorney. With the laws constantly changing and the government constantly searching for new ways to raise revenue, estate planning must be handled correctly, less your descendants be left with a taxation nightmare.

Business Relationships / Partnerships

For every successful company that was started by two friends in a basement (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) there have been a thousand that have disintegrated into a mess of lawsuits and bankruptcies. The key to any successful business relationship is a clear understand of responsibilities and duties among all parties, and that means written contracts. But even more important that the partnership agreement is an understanding of what happens when things go wrong? Your partner may be the best guy in the world, but what happens when his wife divorces him and demands part of the business?

Hiring an experienced attorney can help keep the nightmare scenarios something you read about, not experience firsthand.

Large Purchases

Ok, you may not need to call your lawyer before you buy that new iPad, but what about that complicated (and very expensive) phone system for your company? Wouldn’t it be worth it to have an attorney look over the service contract (especially the fine print where it states that the service tech has up to 72 hours to respond) before signing a $20,000 check?

Having all the facts is the cornerstone of making an informed purchase. Where large ticket items are involved, having an attorney in your corner can keep you from making some very pricey mistakes.

Patents & Intellectual Property

Patent law can be a frustrating thing to navigate through. Even more difficult is trying to prove any type of infringement on existing patents. Patent law is one of the most specialized forms of the profession and always best left to a pro.

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